Genting Hotel Rates – Where Got So Cheap!

I did a survey on Genting hotel rates for my trip there in October 2011. To my surprise, the room rates for all hotels in Genting highlands are actually very similar EXCEPT if you are staying at Maxims Hotel.

Cheapest is still First World Hotels

Genting Hotel Rates. Source: BookWhere.Org

Genting Hotel Rates

First World Hotel still has the cheapest rates among the hotels in Genting. However, don’t be shocked if you see the big differences in room rates offered by different hotel booking sites such as Agoda, HotelClub etc.

Here is the actual hotel rate for my stay in October. Change it to your dates of stay to get the actual Genting hotel rates for your trip.

Enter Dates

It does matter where you book your room from!

First World Genting Hotel Rates by Major Booking Sites

In summary, here is the list of hotels in Genting highland and their best rates:

1. First World Hotel Genting Highlands

From RM118 per night

2. Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Club

From RM138 per night

3. Theme Park Hotel Genting Highlands

From RM158 per night

4. Genting Permai Park and Resort

From RM181 per night

5. Maxims Hotel Genting Highlands

From RM678 per night

Keep in mind the the above best rates are without fee and taxes. It may not be possible to get the best Genting hotel rates all the time but here are some tips:

1. Book earlier

2. Avoid peak season like school holidays and Chinese New Year

3. Compare rates from different booking sites. Always use http://BookWhere.Org to check first before making your booking.

That’s all! Hopefully you can find the best Genting hotel rates and save some money for the casino 😛

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